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We offer a variety of insurance services and compare prices with the top provider to make sure we get you the best available coverage for the best price. From Auto and Home, to Health and Commercial Business, We’ve got you covered.

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Why AllTypes Insurance Agency?

Because we have the experience and resources to help you make the right decision. We have been helping customers from all over California with Insurance services for the past 7 years. Let us help you make an informed decision today.

About Us


Why Alltypes Insurance Agency? Because we have the experience and the resources to help you make the right decisions. Sure, you can go online and get a quick quote from many Insurance Companies, but do you really know you’re getting a good deal or the right policy for your needs?

By the time you’ve researched a handful of different brand-name insurance web sites, the pages of information read like a legal document, and you probably still feel as comfortable about your insurance selections as you do about filling out your Federal Income Tax Forms. Still, it’s helpful to be able to get a rough idea of what the costs are for auto insurance, life insurance and home insurance.

Our customers would rather make sure they are 100% covered. They rely on our staff to know the business, to understand our customer’s needs, and to provide easy-to-understand alternatives to their auto, life and home insurance coverages. We are not employed by the companies we represent – we are your advocate, not theirs. If you ever do need to file a claim, we’re here to help.

We’re a small, home-grown agency, located in Fontana, CA with over 10 years of experience that serves the entire Southern California Region. We even have clients up in North California. Being customers and neighbors, we take our responsibility seriously and keep the doors open for personal face-to-face discussions. We’ll even come to your home or business if that’s better for you.

We make a point of keeping in touch with our customers. Life is simply full of change. From new babies to new homes, and changes in health or  occupation, we help you stay on track. If you currently work with a different insurance firm for your auto, life or home insurance needs, and haven’t heard from your insurance agent in a while, you should probably contact them to review your vehicle insurance, life insurance and home insurance coverage. We also invite you to give us a call. We’d be glad to talk about any of your insurance questions or needs, as well as provide you with some sound, practical solutions.


Most of us depend on our vehicles for getting to work, shopping, going to appointments or just getting away for a little fun. We insure many type of drivers ranging from those who just need the basics or others who want to protect the vehicle of their dreams.


A home is most likely your largest investment. Most homeowners know the importance of home insurance, what they don’t understand is the different types of coverage that are available and those that are important order to protect your investment.

Life & Health

We believe that planing ahead helps eliminate unnecessary headaches for you and your close ones. We also know that everyone’s needs are different. Let us help you chose a health plan based on your individual needs. It’s easy and unbiased.


We offer Insurance services for Business Owners and Non profit organizations. These services can include anything from policies that protect against crime, vandalism, property insurance, liability insurance,  and even Business auto insurance.

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